Webinar: Data, Documents and Connectivity – A Look at the Big Picture

Webinar: Data, Documents and Connectivity – A Look at the Big Picture

Digital transformation requires a shift in perspective, from a siloed approach to one where your entire organization is connected by shared data, content, and IT systems. Modernization and process optimization in one domain won’t advance wider business goals if other departments are still using outdated processes.

When looking at the bigger picture, there are two key steps to solving the problem.

Improving document management – Streamlined, efficient workflows and a powerful search functionality across all enterprise-wide content.

Data integrity – With better data governance and data reuse, you can reduce rework and improve compliance.

Learn about Generis CARA

As a leading content and information management solution, Generis CARA is a solution designed to solve these key issues within one powerful platform. Join Generis and fme Wednesday, May 24th to learn how to bridge the gaps in communication and information access between departments. Generis’ team will demonstrate CARA’s powerful ‘where used’ feature, workflows, and the benefits of managing all enterprise information on single platform.

Next, fme’s content solution expert Manuela Bernhardt will discuss the strategic ways to apply these insights through the implementation process, executing small, actionable steps that simplify the transition and minimizing company disruption. Ultimately, the Generis CARA platform will be an essential step to help you achieve higher efficiency, compliance, and security while adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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We look forward to having you join us for this enlightening webinar and exploring the power of Generis CARA together.

Webinar Details

Data, Documents and Connectivity – A Look at the Big Picture

Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2023
Time: 10am EDT

Webinar: Leveraging the cloud for your business goals

Webinar: Leveraging the cloud for your business goals

This webinar was held on March 29, 2023.  The recording is available here

The best solutions provide organizations with:


One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based technology is scalability. Companies often deal with large amounts of current and historical data, and cloud-based systems allow them to easily scale their solutions as needed, without the need for expensive hardware investments.

Cost savings:

Cloud-based technology can reduce total cost of ownership for hardware, software, and maintenance costs over time. With cloud-based systems, companies only pay for the resources they need, and can adjust their usage to avoid unnecessary expenses.


Cloud-based technology are well-suited to complex integrations across other leading solutions, enabling powerful collaboration with partners, customers, vendors, and other stakeholders. Cloud-based systems provide a centralized platform for sharing data, documents, and other information, bringing together disparate data for more effective decision-making.


Cloud-based technology allows for controlled access to data and applications from anywhere, at any time on approved devices This can be particularly useful for companies with remote employees or partners, as it allows them to work together seamlessly, regardless of their physical location.


Cloud-based technology can provide enhanced security measures that are difficult to implement when integrating legacy systems. Cloud-based systems typically include advanced security protocols and encryption, as well as robust backup and disaster recovery options.

Despite these benefits and their potential impact on achieving business goals, many organizations are still hesitant to make the ‘Big Move’ that allows them to innovate faster, improve agility and responsiveness, and automate time-consuming tasks into efficient and effective operations.
Don’t let yourself fall behind on this critical technology advancement.

Join our Cloud Migration webinar

To get started on your cloud journey, join content experts Generis and fme for an informative webinar to discover the myriad advantages and efficiency gains to be made from migrating to the cloud, and how Generis and fme can provide support throughout the process.

Plus, you’ll hear from migration experts at fme about:
• Challenges with migrations in both complex regulated industries
• A case study of migrating on-premise systems to the cloud
• Why the fme’s migration-center is a proven solution in complex migrations
• Migration-center’s capabilities in both Life Science and non-Life Science regulated industries

This webinar is designed to dispel many of the fears and concerns of migrating complex, regulated companies to cloud solutions, and start you on the first steps of your cloud migration journey. Follow the link below to reserve your place today!