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We create a working environment that makes you feel comfortable and where you like to bring top performance – It’s fme you love to work with.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or a professional.

Whether you have extensive or limited experience – We have the position to suit you at fme and your career.

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Employment Opportunities

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What to expect from us

  • Your potential new job would be in the IT services sector, a highly dynamic, innovative field, which is constantly changing and posing new challenges
  • The fme Academy will guide you along your career path according to your current vocational background Initially you are provided with a training plan fully tailored to your position
  • A mentor will be on hand to advise you during the first few weeks or months
  • Flexible organization of working hours, a friendly working atmosphere, and flat hierarchies set us apart
  • You can work abroad at our constantly expanding subsidiaries in Germany and the U.S., either on specific projects or permanently
  • fme is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer

What we expect from you

  • You have an interest in the IT services sector and ideally have already gained experience in this field
  • You enjoy working with dynamic processes and a constant stream of new challenges
  • You place value on creative, innovative work
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Our Benefits

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Cultural Fit

Culture Book

Tobias - Consultant

»The one thing that truly impressed me about this culture is there is just no one that is »better« per say than anyone else. The title someone carries here really means nothing – a title is just a title. Ireally love that.«

Frank – President

» The culture here at fme from my point of view is everyone is a team player and is willing to help out and do whatever it takes. This is my kind of attitude and motivation and with this type of drive and ambition contributes to success.«

Manuela – Managing Consultant

»fme culture – what does that mean to me? Team, Open doors, Challenge, Creative mind & Fun. I more or less »grew up« with fme, been working tightly with all German locations and now in the US office – and I’m proud to be a member of this family!«

John - Sales Manager

» My fme teammates step up for me when I need them and support me when asked. And that’s what takes a team to the next level and enables us to win. And that’s my experience everyday at fme. I can do my job with confidence because I know I have a solid team behind me. The fme team shows up not just to play, it shows up to win!«


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