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fme is a growing global company with offices in the United States, Germany, Romania and our newest office opening in India. Our remote, yet team-focused work environment empowers employee growth through virtual collaboration and bi-annual workshops and team-building events.

To ensure customer and employee success, we keep focus on our core values:



We are open, honest & fair

Honest dealings with each other, our customers, and our business partners is the basis for mutual trust and long-term success.


People, processes & tools: We use our strengths

We amplify the individual strengths of our team and leverage mature processes, methods and tools enable outstanding work results. We inspire our customers with reliability and quality.

acting in partnership

We share our information and benefit from each other

Our team spirit is the highest priority for us. Willingness to help, mutual trust and active exchange of knowledge are important building blocks for our successful cooperation and personal development.


We think long-term and grow sustainably

Our goal is to continually nurture a long-term relationship with our employees. We strive to develop together and benefit from the mutual trust that develops as a result.


We enjoy our work

With the creativity of our employees, we create an environment in which we can grow and achieve excellent results. Results we can be proud of and enjoy.


It’s possible!

Lean structures, a manageable company size and a motivated team help us to master all challenges. Our motto is “…it’s possible!” It is our goal to make the wishes of our customers possible.

our vision

Your partner for digital transformation.
It’s fme you love to work with.


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fme is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.

The fme Culture Book

Our company culture guides everything we do. 

Tobias - Director Business Unit

»The one thing that truly impressed me about this culture is there is just no one that is »better« per say than anyone else. The title someone carries here really means nothing – a title is just a title. Ireally love that.«

Frank – President

» The culture here at fme from my point of view is everyone is a team player and is willing to help out and do whatever it takes. This is my kind of attitude and motivation and with this type of drive and ambition contributes to success.«

Manuela – Managing Consultant

»fme culture – what does that mean to me? Team, Open doors, Challenge, Creative mind & Fun. I more or less »grew up« with fme, been working tightly with all German locations and now in the US office – and I’m proud to be a member of this family!«

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Don't like forms? Contact us directly to get more details on any of fme's services. We'd love to discuss your current challenges, and how fme can help you get the highest ROI and lowest TCO for your technology solutions. Call or use my personal contact form with your question, and I'll get you connected with the right fme expert.

fme is always looking for top talent to join our team. If you are looking to join the team you'll love to work with, review our job listings and review the details of current openings. Contact me if you have any questions on the application process.

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