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fme is an experienced partner with Veeva Systems Inc., leader in cloud-based software for the global Life Sciences industry. Committed to innovation, product excellence, and customer success, fme and Veeva work together to serve the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and emerging biotechs.

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Veeva Technology Certified Silver Partner
Veeva Services Alliance Partner Certification Badges with Year 2023_Services Partner_Development Cloud
Veeva Services Partner Migration-Certified

Veeva Services and Technology Partner

fme Life Sciences has been a partner with Veeva for many years and has taken a strategic approach to the value we provide to our mutual clients. We provide superior migration and platform management services leveraging our proprietary PlatformAssist™, migration-center, and dqMan software solutions. We are a Veeva Technology partner, Veeva Migration Services, and Veeva Development Cloud partner. We have established long-term successful relationships with our Life Sciences clients, guiding them through challenges integrating and transforming legacy solutions, and delivering unparalleled success on the Veeva Vault platform.

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fme PlatformAssist™ for Veeva Vault

Post-migration, we provide customizable platform management and support services. fme PlatformAssist™ is a comprehensive set of modular building blocks that provide life sciences firms with the unique end-to-end services needed for carefree management of complex business applications.

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Veeva and fme

Veeva 23R3 Update: Newest Features for Winter ’23

Veeva 23R3 Update: Newest Features for Winter ’23

Moving to RIM with Veeva Vault? Here’s how to optimize your outcomes

Moving to RIM with Veeva Vault? Here’s how to optimize your outcomes

Veeva 23R2 Update: New and improved for Summer ‘23

Veeva 23R2 Update: New and improved for Summer ‘23

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