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Solution Spotlight: The CARA Platform from Generis

by Alicia Whitney |
Feb 23, 2024 |

The CARA Platform from Generis is a versatile, low-code foundational content and data management platform designed to solve the complex needs of regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, other life sciences and other highly regulated sectors. With adaptable configuration options and Generis’ deep understanding of user workflows, its flexibility and user experience are a comprehensive solution to a wide variety of complex business challenges. Learn more about the CARA Platform below, and contact us for more details and a demonstration of what it can do for you.

The CARA Platform – Greater than the sum of its parts

An incredibly scalable platform, the CARA Platform is ready to solve a variety of business challenges. With recent updates, the CARA Platform is equally suited to storing content or storing contentless objects, providing configurable flexibility to be be used for almost any industry. On top of this is the CARA Life Sciences Platform: an interconnected suite of applications specifically for Life Sciences companies that provides a unified Regulatory, Quality, Safety, and Clinical process management. It is an easily configured and pre-validated apps platform leveraging distinct modules that simplify and streamline system administration tasks.

Powerful Architecture

The CARA Platform is back-ended by ElasticSearch, a non-relational database built on Lucene, which offers scalability and disaster recovery. ElasticSearch is specifically designed to scale to handle millions of events per second and petabytes of data.

Flexible Configuration

The CARA Platform boasts a low-code approach with an in-browser configuration interface. Generis has included a broad menu of capabilities that can be configured without any knowledge of code or query language. Where the extensive configuration options cannot meet a design requirement, scripting is available directly within the configuration interface. Implementation teams are able to script, test, and publish custom actions and other scripted activities without accessing a server or setting up an integration. The ability to embed scripting within a configuration item makes the entire application portable between dev/test/prod environments without the need to make any changes at the server level. Additionally, configuration changes are available immediately in the environment, requiring, at most, a browser page refresh. This supports a seamless user experience with substantially less downtime for updates.

Shared Administration Ownership

To maximize user adoption and useability, businesses can empower users to manage their own configuration in the CARA Platform. While core admins can manage type definitions and other configuration items with the potential for broad impact, it is possible to expose a limited scope of configuration to allow business leads, junior admins, or expert users to make changes to dictionary drop down lists, update dashboards, reports, and workflow templates. Leveraging this capability can alleviate day-to-day administrative activities for core admin teams, freeing resources to work on priority projects and initiatives.

User Experience

The end user experience is often the greatest consideration when selecting a platform. The CARA Platform provides a well-planned user experience which due to the ElasticSearch backend is incredibly responsive. Users will find click/search/view actions beyond other content management solutions and will be able to quickly adopt the CARA Platform due to the potential for them to configure parts of their platform to their own requirements.

On top of the robust configuration options available within the CARA Platform, the Generis team is collaborative, responsive, and informative, constantly improving on the product to provide a satisfying end user experience.

Generis, The CARA Platform, and fme

The CARA Life Sciences Platform is an excellent option to provide the functionality needed for the client solution. Through our years of partnership, fme has successfully implemented and configured the CARA Platform for many business processes:

  • Controlled content and data management
  • An archive solution
  • Living-document management with collaboration capability
  • Validation documentation and execution solution
  • Organizational Knowledge Management
  • And many more

To learn more about how the CARA Life Sciences Platform can solve your content and data management and user workflow challenges, contact us using the form below. We’d be happy to provide more details and a demonstration of the full capability of the CARA platform, and help determine if it is the right solution for your business goals.

Generis Generate

fme has had a long partnership with Generis, working together on solutions for organizations in many industries. In April of 2024, fme will be a sponsor of Generis’ annual Generate conference being held in Lisbon, Portugal. If you are attending, please let us know! We’d love to connect with you while we are there. If not, send us your questions and interests and we’ll bring you back a summary of the topics and presentations that match your needs.


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