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fme MetadataAssist™ simplifies and accelerates the analysis, identification, categorization, and updating of metadata on millions of documents in a fraction of the time.

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Analyze, identify, and classify document metadata in minutes

Document metadata, content, and location structure contain valuable information about the content stored in any document management solution, but it is often disconnected or lost in storage, translation, or migration to and from different systems. Over time, it becomes increasingly difficult to locate, share, and utilize critical information.

fme MetadataAssist™ is a value-adding solution that supplements your team to rescue disconnected content. With a proprietary process and customized tools, this solution saves your team hundreds of hours of tedious content review and metadata updates, and delivers an accessible library of essential information. Your content can then be properly filed in your CMS for accurate search results or migrated to a new repository.

AI and NLP-powered Analysis

Built on the experience of thousands of hours of fme migration projects, fme’s MetadataAssist leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to extract, analyze, identify, and classify large volumes of content, minimizing the time, resources required, and errors involved in traditional processes. It quickly examines document metadata, content, and context to determine the purpose and relevance of each document to streamline and accelerate content classification.

Advanced AI algorithms scan through all document and content formats and in various languages, identifying and extracting crucial metadata such as product name, dosage strength, dosage form, and more. This process ensures that relevant information is captured, paving the way for accurate content classification.

With advanced NLP, fme MetadataAssist doesn’t just extract metadata; it understands it. This technology interprets the context around the metadata, providing insights into how each document should be classified based on its content, purpose, and relevance.

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Critical Value – Measurable ROI

Whether updating legacy content, consolidating ECMs, or migrating to a new platform, the key to success lies in accurately classifying content. fme MetadataAssist automates the extraction and classification of metadata, significantly reducing the time and effort required. It ensures that documents are accurately categorized, making the migration process faster and more efficient.

For businesses undergoing digital transformations or mergers, fme MetadataAssist is a game-changer. It streamlines the migration process, ensuring no critical information is lost or misplaced. This capability is invaluable in the legal, finance, and healthcare sectors, where document accuracy and classification are paramount.

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