Veeva 23R2 Update: New and improved for Summer ‘23

by Alicia Whitney |
Aug 22, 2023 |

The Veeva 23R2 update was released to the public starting on August 4, 2023. Read on for an overview of features and enhancements that require configuration or may impact your validation activities if configured.

Veeva 23R2 update features

Override Checkout Option for State Change Document Operation Jobs

veeva 23r2 document version imageScheduled Jobs can promote or demote documents based on configured criteria. In some situations, the scheduled job action on a document fails because the document is checked out. With this release, an Admin can configure the job to expire/obsolete a document that is in the Steady State despite having a minor version of the document checked out by ticking a checkbox within the job configuration page. 

Object Lifecycle Entry Criteria: State & State Type of Related Records can be Validated with Conditions

State transitions can now be prevented using Entry Criteria to check against multiple lifecycle states of related records. Previously, only one lifecycle state could be checked for related records. An example where this configuration change would be helpful is where there is a state change that is only allowed when related child records are completed. In some cases, one or more of the related child records may have been created in error. These records would progress to a Cancelled state. If the Entry Criteria for the parent record is checking only for related child records in a Complete state, a related child record in a Cancelled state would prevent the parent record’s state change. This update in the Veeva 23R2 update will allow you to avoid this scenario as you can check for related child records in both Implementation Completed or Cancelled states.

veeva 23r2 child records image

New Report Type – Union-All

This feature adds a new report type to Vault: Union-All. This report type allows customers to combine objects in a single report. Reporting on multiple types of records at the same time can be challenging. Combining data from different object types can help with decision-making and defining process issues.

veeva 23r2 union all report image

Veeva QMS

External Collaboration: External Review & Approval of Documents

New functionality added in this release will allow you to collaborate with external parties directly from Vault-there is no need to use email or other sharing methods outside of your Vault. This can be exciting for reviewing and approving supplier agreements, quality agreements, as well as sharing reports and outcomes with contract organizations all within a compliant, validated environment.

While this is a powerful tool, there are some configuration considerations, including whether to add this step into existing workflows or to configure a separate workflow for this external review. There are a few limitations to be aware of, including the recommendation to use this approach only with a single document workflow to ensure that the background user activation works as designed as well as licensing availability. Note that the system will enable the new external user only if there is an external license available.

Create Change Actions from Template Records

Depending on your processes, you may find users are copying the content from existing Change Actions to populate new Change Actions required for similar changes. This is a laborious and potentially error-prone activity. In 23R2, you will be able to configure the system to allow users to add Change Actions using an approved Change Action Template. This controlled process will enable your users to increase efficiency and accuracy as you can build in rules that determine which fields are copied and which are editable vs. read-only. Additionally, Admins can configure the automated addition of change actions from template depending on the record entering a specific state.


As with each release, Veeva’s 23R2 update incorporates multiple user requests and improvements making the platform more effective over time. This is a powerful feature of a managed platform, but it can also cause challenges if updates are being pushed live to a company that hasn’t had time to review and verify the changes within their own system. fme PlatformAssist™ is specifically designed to address this challenge by providing in-depth Vendor Release and Application Change Management, as well as Application and Administrative Support in a customizable set of modular building blocks that match your needs.

Contact us to learn more about fme PlatformAssist™, and find out how easy it is to have affordable, carefree release and post go-live management of your Veeva platform.


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