dqMan edition to streamline administration processes of Veeva Vault applications released

Braunschweig, Germany – June 29, 2023: fme confirms the launch of the second product version of their renowned administration solution dqMan that seamlessly integrates with Veeva Vault applications. 


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Florian Piasyzk-Hensen at +49 531 238540 , or email f.piaszyk@fme.de

fme confirms the launch of the second product version of their renowned administration solution dqMan that seamlessly integrates with Veeva Vault applications. Operating on the Veeva Vault API 23.1, the new Veeva Vault Edition of dqMan provides a range of convenient features for generating and executing VQL syntax-based queries as well as MDL commands. Due to Veeva’s backward compatibility, future versions will also be fully supported.

“As a trusted Veeva Technology and Services Partner, we are excited to expand the capabilities of dqMan based on our extensive knowledge of the Veeva Vault platform,” stated Florian Piaszyk-Hensen, Director of fme Products. “With its unique scripting and automation capabilities, dqMan now empowers Veeva Vault experts to efficiently resolve data and configuration issues while saving valuable administration time”, he adds.

Compatible with Windows machines, the enterprise-grade administration software boasts an intuitive user interface and offers valuable functionalities such as VQL editing, inline editing for query results, favorite and history management, object data-based navigation, and many more.

Similar to the already successful OpenText Documentum Edition, users of the Veeva Vault Edition can benefit from professional support and maintenance services, ensuring fast troubleshooting when required. Additionally, a comprehensive online documentation resource is available to guide users through the utilization of dqMan.

dqMan can be purchased in different license packages through the web shop or by using the Direct Purchase web form.

About dqMan

dqMan is an administration tool for OpenText Documentum and Veeva Vault platforms. It allows users to administrate, maintain, and program Veeva Vault and the Documentum Content Server. dqMan for OpenText Documentum has been on the market for 18 years. With dqMan, fme provides an integrated interface for fast and effective use of OpenText Documentum and Veeva Vault APIs allowing users to save valuable working time and enhance the quality of applications.

About fme

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