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About this Datasheet

Business applications do not generally exist independently from each other, and irrespective of an understandable desire to have a single “end-to-end” platform delivering all the necessary functionality, reality is usually somewhat different.

Your company’s business users need to have efficient and effective access to data and documents no matter where they originated or where they are now stored. That generally means that integration between these applications is going to be an important consideration when you implement a new solution to support your critical business processes.

integration-center from fme provides a cloud-ready and pre-configured integration framework allowing for faster and easier integration of implementations across all the major platforms, including Veeva Vault, OpenText Documentum, Generis CARA, Alfresco, Sparta TWD, and many others

Our integration-center connectors for leading business applications – which are implemented as cloud-ready Micro-Services – provide core functionality to read and write data and content and to access and trigger additional processes in these applications as needed. A low code platform provides the ability to realize the actual business use cases by providing business logic while combining the connectors to fulfill the business use case (controller).

We support all aspects of the upgrade process

Veeva Post Implementation Manged Services


  • Efficiency – Integrating business applications across the enterprise landscape will allow business processes to act more efficiently – have the right information at the right time at the right place!
  • Accuracy – By synchronizing data across business applications, the risk of incorrect data entries and invalid duplications is significantly reduced, the data quality, which is the basis for efficient business processes, is maintained and protected.
  • And much more, download the datasheet to learn!

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