Simplify for Success:
Optimizing Veeva Vault Clinical


About this Datasheet

Moving to a cloud-based eTMF and/or CTMS is a big and exciting step for clinical operations teams, particularly small to mid-market life sciences organizations. Embracing new technology systems – like Veeva Vault – supports innovation and brings a grand potential for greater efficiency, compliance, and ease of collaboration. But how do you make the utopia a reality for your teams?

Simplicity. Tailor the Vault Clinical environment to drive business value from Go Live – not by adding new configurations, but by strategically turning off features that, while beneficial, act more like noise and a barrier to end-user adoption. Re-ducing the number of milestones to align more closely with your business process-es, refining expected document lists to manage only critical content, and reducing document types to those you manage, are all great places to start. Streamlining page layouts, reports and dashboards reduces the visual impact of these features and greatly enhances the user experience. Tailoring available user actions and simplifying workflow options greatly improves process adherence and ease of adoption.

The team at fme can expertly guide you through an analysis of your clinical system landscape and provide a strategic roadmap to quickly transform flat capabilities into recognized business value. This analysis can take many forms, from a review of the current configuration to facilitated working sessions with key team members to help drive user adoption and accelerate change. We are happy to provide you with more detailed information on our clinical service offerings and discuss the most fitting approach. Please talk to us – we look forward to working with you!

Target Group

  • Regulatory Information Managers
  • Qualty and Manufacturing Managers
  • IT Managers


  • Life Sciences


Configure strategically to provide business value at all maturity levels

  • Streamlined data collection and workflows, reducing
    unnecessary data entry and process steps
  •  Increased compliance from CROs through efficient
    in-house processes
  • Contextualized user experience design provides focus
    and boosts productivity
  • Enhanced user adoption through more effective
    solution design

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David Gwyn
Business Unit Director – Business Consulting