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For nearly three decades Sparta Systems has been delivering quality management systems to the life sciences industry. They have established themselves as the clear leader in this market sector and, with the December 2020 acquisition by Honeywell, seem well positioned for further growth.

With the successful launch and market penetration of the TrackWise Digital® platform behind them, Enterprise level companies are showing increasing interest in Sparta’s advancing
solution capabilities. Of particular importance will be the maturation of the TrackWise Digital® document management system (DMS) capabilities. As experts in this area, we looked »under the hood« to see what TrackWise Digital® DMS offers and what is on the horizon.

Read the full product review now to learn what our team thinks where Sparta’sTrackwise Digital® is leading and where it is lagging and what’s coming in the future.

About The Product

The TrackWise Digital® document management system (DMS) is part of the TrackWise enterprise quality management solution (EQMS), the company’s flagship product. It is an enterprisewide solution that supports manufacturing and R&D content, collaboration, and training. TrackWise Digital® DMS facilitates collaboration in a controlled ecosystem so organizations have the capability to collaborate with their partners and suppliers more effectively. There is also support for just-in-time training on the shop floor and the ability to relate existing documentation to quality events, CAPA, or complaints, and identify gaps in documentation.


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