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With headquarters in Paris, France, Ennov has shown steady growth and an increasing market penetration in recent years. With a strong European business and a growing presence in North America, Ennov raised their profile across the Life Sciences community. With some notable, high profile companies selecting the Ennov platform in 2019, we decided to investigate further.

We asked our ProductPulse team to take a look at the platform and share their perspectives on why Ennov Doc was now on every companies’ short list of solution options. The first point to note is that the Ennov Doc is part of Ennov’s Unified Compliance Platform – a highly-configurable software architecture that combines a common and engaging user experience (UX) with content management, business process management, data/forms management, learning management and business intelligence to form the foundation on which all the Ennov applications are constructed. While not unique, we found this »integrated architecture« to be a sound baseline and offering a good range of capabilities.

Read the full product review now to learn what our team thinks where Ennov Doc is leading and where it is lagging and what’s coming in the future.

About The Product

First released more than 20 years ago, Ennov Doc is an enterprise content management software solution.
Ennov Doc helps manage regulated content effectively and securely in a global operating environment.

The product is part of Ennov’s Unified Compliance Platform which serves as the foundation for the company’s suite of information management solutions that support the entire life sciences product lifecycle from Regulatory, Clinical, GxP/Quality to Commercial.


Ennov: fme helps Life Sciences clients migrate and deploy the Ennov platform

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