OpenText Documentum Health-Check


About this Datasheet

In today’s complex, highly-networked business-critical systems, performance bottlenecks can often prevent you from fully exploiting the potential of your ECM infrastructure. Your staff may struggle with excessive system response times, costing valuable work hours and placing a strain on your budget. Do you suspect your web application could be used more effectively?

Do you deal with data replication in distributed environments? Would you like to know how many simultaneous OpenText Documentum users you could serve at sufficient performance levels? Maybe you are planning a substantial increase in the number of users for your OpenText Documentum or OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences applications and need to ensure your system can be scaled up accordingly? We have the solution for you!

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  • Appraisal of the factors impacting performance in view of user requirements
  • Conformity verification regarding the software versions deployed
  • Analysis of optimization potential in the OpenText Documentum configuration
  • Log file analysis
  • Review of the OpenText Documentum architecture
  • Preparation of application load and stress tests


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