Optimal Deployment And Efficient Operation Of Your Opentext Documentum Environment Through Containerization

Efficient, agile, scalable and automatized

About this Datasheet

Are you facing the challenge of regularly providing new Documentum environments? Do the costs for operating and documenting your systems constantly increase? Is the deployment of new software components very timeconsuming?

Containers are the next big step in IT infrastructure like mainframes in the 1990s, computers in the 2000s or virtual machines in the 2010s. Software and services, hosted in containers, are flexible, efficient, quickly available, stable and scalable and have many advantages in maintenance. Containerization – e.g. with Docker – is widely known as a technology used especially by cloud service providers. However, the use of containers does not automatically mean that applications are moved to the cloud. It is also possible to set up a containerized on-premises environment – depending on the needs of your business.

Take advantage of this decade‘s technology to further optimize the operation of yourOpenText Documentum environment.

Target Group

  • Field IT
  • Documentum Senior Architects
  • Enterprise/Cloud Architects
  • Computer Validation Specialists
  • Head of Regulatory Affairs

Your Advantages

  • Up to 90 % faster deployment of a new OpenText Documentum environment
  • Up to 95 % reduction in documentation effort of installations (IQ)
  • Software identical environments (e.g. test and productive system) and thus more representative tests
  • Fulfilling standards which are enforced by the containers and orchestration tools

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