Jive for Human Ressources
Foster the talent of your employees! Jive enables an intuitive onboarding process, from introducing your employees to the work environment through to providing effective training sessions.

Jive for Corporate Communications
Revolutionize your internal communications with targeted news! Using a business collaboration system allows you to communicate the latest news – even faster than the grapevine!

Jive for IT
Use Jive as the central linchpin of cooperation. Do away with information silos and consolidate your applications in Jive. You will quickly start saving on costs and precious time!

Jive for Marketing
Connect your customers. They will quickly become an essential part of a larger whole as they discover products and read the latest news stories directly on your platform. Add a fresh, personal dimension to your marketing!

Jive for Professional Services
Collaborate more efficiently and reliably on projects with your partners and suppliers. Share documents, generate new ideas, and ensure that everyone involved stays up to date regardless of the country and time zone they are in!

    Social Business Collaboration with Jive
    Integrate your company into a more cohesive team & connect with your customers. Promote a culture that encourages openness, agility, and mutual support.

    It is vital for companies today to work as quickly, flexibly, and innovatively as possible. The moment they begin to lag behind customers, they stop being relevant. A key way for companies to achieve agility and speed is to fully utilize and network their own employees’ knowledge and expertise. To this end, software platforms for social business collaboration (SBC) provide companies with all the necessary functions. These platforms, in combination with a professionally coordinated change management process, carry the potential to change your corporate culture and drive the digital transformation.

    About one-third of all German companies trading on the DAX have realized this already and have taken the next step in the move toward digitalization. They use the leading Jive social business collaboration tool, which allows them to prepare for increasing competition.

    Jive functions as a central point of contact for all employees and integrates a wide range of tools at a low cost. This enables you to not only significantly boost productivity but also save on costs and time.
    Jive is now available, whether you want to use it at your workplace or via the modern and intuitive Jive mobile app while you are on the move.

    Social Business Collaboration @fme

    Jive Consulting

    fme AG provides comprehensive advice. Our customers highly value our focus on early consultation, preparation, and human change management.
    Convince yourself: Together, we define 2-3 individual use cases for your company, which we will use to introduce you to Jive. Experience Jive and its functions to create a solid foundation for your decision-making process.


    Based on your individual processes, needs and objectives, we develop a suitable strategy to introduce Jive in your company.
    Whether cloud-based or on-premise – we have the right solution for your company.


    Communication (Human Change Management)
    We carry out employee surveys and develop a target group-specific communication strategy as well as a customized concept of measures for the introduction of Jive in your company. From initial consultation to implementation to follow-up, we support you.

    Jive Implementation

    A successful launch of Jive depends on several factors. With careful joint planning, we ensure that the implementation works well.


    Install (on-premise solution)
    Unsere erfahrenen Mitarbeiter führen die technische Umsetzung von Jive in Ihrem Unternehmen durch und ermöglichen dabei eine Integration unterschiedlichster Systeme wie SharePoint, CRM, Outlook u. v. m.


    We take care of a smooth commissioning of Jive and ensure sustained success through continuing support and training of your employees.

    Jive Solutions

    Jive-Documentum Connector
    fme has already gained experience with application development in the Jive environment. For those interested and for our customers who are using Jive, we developed our solution “Jive for Documentum”.

    • Selective archiving of documents from Jive to DCTM
    • Selective publishing of documents from DCTM to Jive
    • Full integration with the Jive External Storage Framework
    • Dedicated document/folder browser in Jive

    We are happy to develop connectors for further ECM systems – please contact us!


    fme’s Document Manager for Jive
    A brand new way to explore your documents – experience the change!
    fme’s Document Manager for Jive helps you to

    • Find your documents faster by using the inline viewer and quick filter
    • Upload bulks of documents
    • Edit your documents intuitively with inline metadata editing and seamless integration into your desktop
    • Organize your documents easier
    • Work in Office products – supports most Office products and operating systems on the market (Apple, Lotus, Microsoft etc.)

    Customized Solutions
    We will gladly develop individual solutions customized to your business. We look forward to accepting your challenge!