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Jim Rei, Head of Collaboration and Document Management Services at a privately held international pharmaceutical company describes how fme US help them to support their global EMC Documentum platform on a global scale.


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»We are extremely happy with the support and maintenance of our Documentum applications through the utilization of nearshore resources provided by fme AG. The German-speaking support team in Romania assures very good response times and works very effectively. Our costs for maintenance and support have significantly decreased through the integration of fme‘s nearshore team.«
(Klaus Preitschopf, Project Manager)

    Service Level Agreement for EMC Documentum
    Put us in charge of your Documentum support and maintenance. Benefit from our expertise in service and lower the costs for your platform operations.

    Service Level Agreement for EMC Documentum

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    Ioan Negrea | General Manager fme SRL
    +40 264 44 3533

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    …put us in charge!
    The costs of operating and maintaining ECM applications can easily take up a large proportion of a company’s total allotted IT budget. Moreover, EMC Documentum support tasks often take up company employees’ time and require external consultants – the company would be far better off if these resources could be allocated to developing long-needed IT innovations instead. Specialists with the required qualifications are few and far between, and therefore often unsustainably expensive to hire, particularly for smaller installation projects.

    The outsourcing of support and maintenance for your Documentum applications improves the quality of your services and allows you to maintain firm control over the costs for ongoing operations. Take advantage of our expertise combined with cost-effective nearshore services to reduce your operating costs to a sustainable level.

    Benefit from our Near- und Offshore capacities. Together with our colleagues from the USA and Romania we are offering you a global support and EMC maintenance support. We support you reliably on seven days a week, around the clock (24/7)

    EMC Service Level Agreement | Documentum D2/D7

    fme offers global platform support for EMC Documentum applications