OpenText Extended ECM: Put your content into business context

by Manuela Bernhardt |
Mar 23, 2023 |

OpenText Extended ECM (Enterprise Content Management) is a software solution that enables organizations to effectively manage their enterprise content across various channels and platforms. It allows businesses to streamline content creation, collaboration, and distribution to drive efficiency and productivity while mitigating compliance risks at the same time. Read on to learn more about the value of OpenText Extended ECM and how it can benefit your organization.

Improved Content Collaboration

Do your users struggle when they work on shared documents across different teams and different enterprise applications? Is it a challenge to make sure that everyone is looking at the latest version and making their editions in the right place? One of the most significant benefits of OpenText Extended ECM is that it improves content collaboration across teams and departments and most of all across different enterprise applications. No matter where users are located or what their primary document application is, they can contribute their part within their business context and collaborate seamlessly with other involved parties. Extended ECM offers robust version control and audit trail capabilities, ensuring that all changes to content are tracked, and nothing is lost or forgotten, mitigating compliance risks caused by incorrect content usage.

Seamless Integration

Wherever users are primarily working within an ERP such as SAP, a CRM such as Microsoft Dynamics, or an HR system such as SuccessFactors, and regardless of their role within the overall business process, OpenText Extended ECM is designed to integrate seamlessly across all their enterprise applications. Users can take full advantage of OpenText’s content management capabilities within the UI that they are used to. All integration happens in the background without the user having to take action or be aware that it is happening. OpenText Extended ECM also integrates with additional third-party systems like the Office365 platform, making it an ideal choice for businesses with diverse content management needs.

Enhanced Efficiencies, Compliance and Security

Without central content management there is a high risk of:

  • Duplicated content across multiple enterprise applications
  • Incorrect document versions being used
  • Inefficiencies caused by recreating content that already exists in another place
  • Access violations by sharing content outside the intended audience

All of these can quickly become critical issues, and will always impact your quality, compliance, timelines and budget.

By keeping all content stored at one central location, while at the same time allowing the content to be accessible within enterprise applications, OpenText Extended ECM mitigates the above risks and increases overall efficiency and productivity. Users can more easily find the information they need, and granular access control will make sure that content stays safe and secure at the same time. Users will be able to access the right content at the right time at the right place – within their business context.


There are many ways to apply the power and control that OpenText Extended ECM provides. It is a powerful solution that aligns your content with your business goals to leverage improved collaboration, seamless integration, centralized content management, and enhanced compliance and security capabilities. Our team of experienced OpenText consultants can help you identify the most effective path to enable OpenText Extended ECM to help your business supercharge your efficiency and productivity across the business processes that drive your unique enterprise.

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