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Digital transformation with Veeva? Choose a Certified Partner that can do it all

by Matija Vidicek |
Feb 10, 2023 |

Veeva certification: Our annual commitment

Veeva has 3 releases each year, and it’s a requirement that any Veeva partners re-certify each year to ensure 360-degree familiarity with the most recent updates. This is a big commitment for any company to make to support the platform, but it ensures that Veeva implementation and service partners will be able to provide the highest level of knowledge and support for Veeva customers.

To keep up-to-date with the features and opportunities associated with the evolving product suite, fme’s over 30 Certified Professionals maintain their skills and certification with the following courses, and verify their knowledge with final exams that can take an additional three hours to complete.

Vault Platform – Associate White Belt Exam (live lead courses)

  • Vault Platform Fundamentals Pre-work (4 hours)
  • Vault Platform Fundamentals (4 hours)
  • Vault Business Administrator (5 hours)
  • Vault System Administrator (11 hours)
  • Vault Platform Workflow & Security Fundamentals (5 hours)
  • Vault Document Workflow & Security Fundamentals (6 hours)
  • Vault Document Workflow & Security Fundamentals (6 hours)
  • Vault Platform Data Load & Configuration Migration (5 hours)

To extend the validity of the certification, it’s necessary to pass the latest Veeva Release Training and Exam, covering both topics linked to the recent releases and the Veeva Vault Platform as a whole.

Other Life Science-specific Veeva certifications

For a specific Associate White Belt for specific solutions (QualityDocs, QMS, Submissions etc.) there is a Vault Platform Associate White Belt Exam that also needs to be renewed each year.

Vault QualityDocs Associate White Belt

As for the wider Veeva Vault Platform, specific live lead courses need to be completed, including:

  • QualityDocs Fundamentals & Business Administrator (2 + 4 hours)
  • QualityDocs System Administrator (4 hours)

Vault QMS Associate White Belt

  • QMS Fundamentals & Business Administrator (2 + 4 hours)
  • QMS System Administrator (4 hours)
  • Vault RIM Submissions Associate White Belt
    • Submissions Fundamentals (2 hours)
    • RIM Suite Domain Overview Pre-work (3.5 hours)
    • Submission Fundamentals Pre-work (3.5 hours)
    • Submissions Business Administrator (8 hours)
    • Submission Business Administrator Pre-work (5 hours)
    • Submissions System Administrator (8 hours)

Vault RIM Submissions Archive Associate White Belt

  • Submissions Archive Fundamentals (2 hours)
  • RIM Suite Domain Overview Pre-work (3.5 hours)
  • Submissions Archive Business Administrator (4 hours)
  • Submissions Archive System Administrator (4 hours)

fme is your Veeva Certified Partner

Whether you’re implementing Veeva for the first time, or bringing across more content to the platform, fme – a longstanding Veeva Certified Partner for both technology and services – is the ideal choice to manage all your integration and data migration needs. That’s thanks to:

  • Our deep experience. fme was founded in 1995 with a core team of digital transformation experts and has continued to grow to a global presence with offices in Germany, Romania, and the United States of America as well as operations in India. We integrated the Veeva product catalog into our offerings in 2020 and expand our partnership each year.
  • The scale of our resources. We have over 30 Veeva Certified experts working across our client projects at any one time, with a team of experts in OpenText, Generis, and all major platform solutions.
  • Our deep Life Sciences knowledge. We have deep experience with Veeva solutions across all kinds of Life Sciences use cases. We understand your functional and business needs, and have solved many of the most complex challenges in the industry.
  • Our extensive legacy system knowledge. We have in-depth knowledge of the environments that Veeva adopters are moving from, so we have unique insights into how to ensure a migration project achieves its goals the first time, on time, minimizing down-time and workflow interruptions.

Our tested and proven holistic approach, as well as our commitment to an efficient, cost-effective deployment and migration, will decrease your TCO while increasing your technology ROI. We know both the pitfalls and potential of effectively integrated solutions, and can help you plan, implement, migrate and maintain your technology environment. We can also take care of all aspects of business analysis, data validation, data clean-up, and data enrichment – all critical tasks as part of the digital transformation and business accelerating process.

fme’s proprietary migration-center

As service partner, we understand the power and potential of Veeva’s solutions, but the fme team takes it a step farther; we are also a Veeva Technology Partner. To provide the most efficient and error-free transformation to the Veeva platform, we’ve built Veeva natively into our migration-center migration tool. Continually refined over the last 16 years of global migration projects, migration-center is our proprietary tool that allows clients to migrate, consolidate, archive, decommission and flexibly coordinate all of their stored data and documents saving 60% in costs and 80% in project duration, all without impacting daily business operations. It simplifies migration from any platform to Veeva solutions and is not offered by any other provider. Learn more at

Work with the Veeva experts

As a leading Veeva Certified Partner with extensive life sciences experience, fme can help you plan, implement, and migrate to this powerful platform with confidence, speed, and ease. Contact us to get started.

For more information, please complete this contact form and we’ll schedule a time to discuss your Veeva-related challenges and solution options.


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