Highlights of Generis and fme’s “Data-centricity in RIM” Webinar

by The fme Team |
Oct 31, 2022 |

In October, fme’s Director of Business Consulting David Gwyn was a featured contributor in an informative webinar with the Generis CARA Life Sciences team. He was able to share his rich experience and perspective on the value of a data-centric approach to document and information management, and outline some of the benefits that can be realized across an organization.

Generis also provided a comprehensive demo of their CARA Life Sciences Platform, and how it can improve quality, efficiency, consistency, and scalability across any organization.

Below is a summary of David’s introduction, an outline of the webinar, and a highlight video of the presentation. View the full webinar on the Generis site, and contact us with any questions you have about data-centricity or the CARA Life Sciences Platform.


Summary of Data-Centricity Introduction

David Gwyn: I’d like to speak for a few minutes on the essential concept of data-centricity. What I mean by that is how we can reshape our thinking about documents and the other entities we’re managing beyond traditional paper. Right now we all have an opportunity, and I will argue a necessity, to change the way we’re thinking about the information we’re managing and move forward into a more data-centric and data-focused approach.

I’m sure you remember the days where we would produce reams and reams of paper that we’d stack on a conference room table and ask the CEO to come in and sign the 356H. Eventually we said “Let’s digitize this, so we took our Word documents that we printed out before and turned them into PDFs. While this was a step forward, we really just took pictures of all those documents and obfuscated all the value. All the data that was there was buried in a digital version of the paper process.

There are much better solutions now that eliminate traditional challenges, and provide extensive improvement to quality, efficiency, consistency, and scalability across your entire organization. Let’s look at what’s possible.

Data-Centricity Webinar Outline

  • Overview of a document-centric progress
  • Impacts of document focus
  • Brief History of Medicinal Product Submissions
  • What is triggering the transition to digitalization of the process?
    • Regulations, data standards, compliance
    • Improve quality, efficiency, consistency
    • Enable scalability, promote quality, endure changing landscapes
  • Characteristics of a data-driven approach
  • Benefits of data-centric process
  • Questions to ask to prepare for a transition to a data-centric approach
  • Detailed demo of Generis CARA Life Sciences Platform

Watch the Webinar Highlights


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