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For Your Unstructured & Semi-Structured Data

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Are you in need to reduce costs for storage, servers, operations, support, DBMS licenses by decommissioning your legacy ECM Systems? Then you might consider or have already decided on OpenText‘s InfoArchive as a new archive platform.
Our certified solution migration-center assists you with the decommissioning of legacy unstructured and semi-structured data (e.g. content management systems, file shares etc.), including live archiving of content from various repositories to OpenText InfoArchive.

Application Decommissioning Project Phases

To guide you through a successful planning process and an efficient implementation phase we offer you the following application decommissioning packages.

1. Basic Preparation Package

  • Initial workshop to assess your requirements for your decommissioning initiative
  • Check the compliance regulations
  • Take a look at the cost and the business cases
  • Examine your infrastructure
  • Explore the appilcation/sytems you wish to decommissioning
  • After this workshop we will decide which of your application data will be archived
    • 2. Implementation Package

    • Setting up an the target structure and search- and-retrieve interfaces in OpenText InfoArchive.
    • Prepare the content and afterward migrate it into the system
    • Run tests to validate our implementation
    • Moving your content into InfoArchive
    • Finally review the migration logs from migration-center and the data structure in OpenText InfoArchive
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      If you have any questions regarding the application process please contact me. I’m looking forward to your request.

      Tracey King
      Technology Success Manager