Application Modernization for OpenText Documentum



About this Datasheet

OpenText Documentum has been on the market for a long time, and still is one of the leading content management platforms, with a wide array of content-centric capabilities that can be applied to every flavor from non-regulated to highly regulated business areas and anything in-between. Being around for a long time it has a high level of maturity and provides a robust and secure basis for critical business applications. The possibilities with this platform on-premises and in the cloud have been evolving over the past few years, also through the additional integration and extension options in the OpenText family. But in many cases these possibilities lie unused. The document management system does not have the same level of investment it once did when it was initially implemented, and it is being neglected. Users are not excited to use the application without a modern interface which creates doubt on how to continue with the platform or whether to consider a costly replacement. Having been a Documentum partner since 1998, our experienced team can help you to »breathe new life« into the application and to make it attractive again for end users while extending your investment for years to come.

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Being a long-term partner of Documentum and having a large team of experienced Documentum consultants, we are confident we can revitalize your Documentum environment and make it more attractive to end users.

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  • Life Sciences
  • Additional Industries


  • Preservation of your investment in the Documentum
    platform and existing licenses
  • Increased system stability and availability
  • Reduced operating costs through more cost efficient
    yet effective architecture design, taking advantage
    of cloud technologies where possible
  • Reduced support costs through outsourced managed
  • Increased productivity through integrations
  • Increased user acceptance
Architecture Graphic for Application Decommissioning

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