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Empower users to collaborate, manage access, distribute and control information securely!
Especially when facing huge amounts of data, extended security requirements and the need to integrate existing systems/processes, customers will benefit from the highly advanced capabilities of the OpenText Documentum Suite. fme AG has been a partner for the product Documentum since 1998 and has gained tremendous experience in hundreds of projects. We look forward to your challenge! in various ways.
»Every goal was met and the project was implemented on time and within the budgeted mandays, fully meeting the expected quality standards.
This was due to the fme team’s expertise .«
Udo Runiello, Project Leader, E.ON IT GmbH

The course of a project

For each of the following project phases we have specialists in our team who will stand by your side and guide you successfully with their know-how.

Plan: Consulting for OpenText DocumentumA solid conceptual design ensures the success of your project! Our consultants will work with you to analyze all important aspects of your Enterprise Content Management project. We identify and document your requirements in a concept and finally translate your requirements into corresponding technical specifications. Furthermore, we help to create schedules and budget plans for system roll-out and operation, end user training and back-up procedures for your valuable information.

Build: Development for OpenText DocumentumTailor-made Software Development – As soon as the conceptual design for an OpenText Documentum ECM solution is completed, our experienced team is available to carry out the implementation, no matter if the design was created by us, by your in-house team or by another service provider: fme realizes your wishes. Our implementation may cover the adaptation of your existing systems or a complete new development. Moreover, we ensure that existing systems are successfully integrated and that documents are migrated to the new system on the appropriate date.

Run: Operation & MaintenanceSatisfied users and lower operating costs – Once your solution has been successfully designed, developed and tested, it must finally be installed and delivered to the end user. We implement the developed solution and support you, among other things with our competencies in the area of “Human Change Management”, in the successful roll-out. For the long-term success of your systems, we offer you support in the area of maintenance and support – clients like MAN Diesel & Turbo SE already benefit from our nearshore location in Romania, why don’t you too?
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